So very recently I've been getting viruses from this site, or hacking attempts. Yes, I was playing games on here when out of nowhere I had my credit card info presumably stolen. So far the effects of it have been mimimal, at most, but that doesn't mean I won't put this up as a warning.

Unless you have a very good anti-virus system, keep away from the popular games ranked E-T. I'm not sure about the M ranking, but I know for certain the A ranked games are safe (yeah, the porn games​ are more safe than the children's games; weird world).

Tik, tak tak, tik, tak tak

2017-09-04 23:29:52 by LuigitheMan20

So I recently had this idea to put a liked character into a dialogue-heavy strip poker game. Need a hint on who it is? Check my username.

​I've been working on him for around two days now, working on the model, typing up witty humor to match his personality, staring at a white screen trying to think up something interesting...

​I guess what I'm trying to say is I've been more on my computer lately than I've been on my phone. So far it's coming along fine. Now I just gotta play the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. before I end up forgetting who's lines I'm typing.

​In other news, I've been working on concept art for a (fan-made) chapter for Happy Dungeons, a dungeon-romper with the art style and design as Happy Wars. So far everyone's favorite character, based on my Instagram likes, is Janet the crazed butcher!

​Edit:​ One of my liked flash games on here gave me a Trojan virus: Nano Empire. Lost all progress on my little project. Now I'm putting one of my OCs up there instead.

My appologies, one follower, that I haven't been on as much. Though mostly personal stuff, I've been busy on other social media platforms like Instagram and DeviantArt, despite how distasteful it is at times. I'm happy to announce I'll be uploading some of my traditional works on here, keyword some, for the sake of gallery filling, since I've been improving quite a lot as of late.


Sad to say, due to me forgetting my password to Colors! and me just hating the site in general, no digital art will be shown for a time. Thank you for following. :)

So, I got banned from Colors!...

2016-05-18 15:22:17 by LuigitheMan20

I uploaded an image onto Colors!, my digital art account, and within an hour, I got banned.

It was an image of Her from imscared I had made (shown here, but completely censored), yet someone still thought it was worthy enough for a ban.


I seriously don't know why the admins deemed this, the censored cute Her, foul play yet call my extremely gory pic alright. It wasn't the gory pic that got me banned, but this cutie of a horror monster. Why? Seriously, why?

Because of this, I'm probably gonna post horribly rendered traditional art from either my phone or by the scanner at the local library. I'm still upset that it happened seeing that I have no other form of digital medium at my disposal (not the 'SJW baby flail' upset, but still). So, until I hear back from the Colors! admins about the fuck-up, expect traditional art.

- Weegie


Ho-ly SHIT! When was the last time I was on?! Almost half a year? Three months?!


Anyway, here I am: the guy drawing for college once again. I'm gonna upload a recent work I made and, hopefully, don't get it kicked off for some odd reason.


Let's have some fun.

Inspired by a recent outing on the Internet, the Fallen World series of art has begun!


The Fallen World art series is a self-explanatory series involving the fall of Earth where cults run rampant and government has hit an all-time low. Where dictatorship is common and Satan is God... in a way.


You can check out my latest works in the series here:

The Char Broil "An Entity of Burning Destruction"      Janet Monroe "Assassin of the Fallen World"


I am currently taking requests for other species in the Hellish world, so feel free to give me any suggestions!

So recently I uploaded on my Colors! Gallery a picture I made of Amazon from the Indie game Protect Me Knight, a game developed by ANCIENT, and noticed not a single person there has noticed it, which brings up the question: Who here has heard of Protect Me Knight?


*Brief Review*
Protect Me Knight is a game where the main goal is to, what else, protect the princess from waves of monsters. There are four clases to chose from (Warrior, Mage, Ninja, and Amazon) as well as four colors (Orange, Green, Blue, and Pink, respectively). It has two different modes of play from arcade, the story mode that lasts for ten stages, as well as a survival mode where your stats randomly increase the farther you go. Speaking of, there are 4 types of stats: one for defence, attack, MP (magic point) recharge rate, and secondary attack. Upgrading each would lead to a character-specific description and attack, which brings up the game's dialogue. Since ANCIENT is primarily located in Japan, broken English is to be brought aware before purchase (i.e. Rapid Fire likes a tiger!). If you're into wave survival ala Dynasty Warriors with the asthetics of an NES game, I'd give Protect Me Knight a shot. ;)