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Cici The Cat Episode 1: Cici Makes A Flash Cici The Cat Episode 1: Cici Makes A Flash

Rated 0 / 5 stars

All I can say is... is this a joke?

You have "the best character on all of newgrounds" in the tags without getting audience approval, the animation is shit aside from their moving mouths, the actual "animation" that was the focus of the story wasn't even an animation at all, her foot is on Sonic's head at the end...

This is a joke, isn't it?

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StaticSkull responds:

yes lol

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Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This... is a porn game. This... is a porn game.

I typically do the rounds of Adult games on here and I must say, I'm blown away at just how much detail and work has been put into it! Aside from the massive grunt-like zombies(?) I completely forgot it was even such! The animation is crisp, the voice acting is great, and overall is a pretty decent experience. My only gripe is that, to me, I don't think the voice actor for the main character tried(?) until the character was getting it up her glory hole. I don't expect her to scream her lungs out over a small ball being thrown like in SAO, but a small amount of effort can go a long way. Again, it's just me, don't let my remark outshine the overall praise it's got.

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hentaiwriter responds:

We actually have recently switched voice actresses, and we'll be putting an updated build on Newgrounds with the new voicework soon! Otherwise, we're glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the rating and review :D

Meet and Fuck Rina-Chan Meet and Fuck Rina-Chan

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cute. Just... cute.

Still drawin' art of Rina-chan, but cute joke.

School of Lust - Sister Control (short VN) School of Lust - Sister Control (short VN)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cute lil' start. That's it: start.

Everyone looks like children, but hey that's the style. I made it up to the scene introducing my (overly excited) sister when a little pop-up appeared saying that Newgrounds couldn't find it's "builder". Two refreshes later and I can't see the damn title screen because the site's having trouble loading the 18+ warning.

From what I saw, be it the very little (no pun intended), it seemed enjoyable.

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Another Medli Another Medli

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Never thought I'd see you on here as well. :)

Since this is a review:

I like how you mimicked the shading style in the Wind Waker. If there's anything I need to hark on is how off the lighting is: it's staring straight at her, yet the shine in her eyes look like the lighting's on her other side. Other than that, great work and I can't wait to see your other works on here, as well.